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ABOUT Shihan Sensei Goral 


  Sensei Robert Goral began his interest in the Martial Arts while serving as a hand to hand combat instructor in the US Army in the late 1960's.  Sensei Goral was also a boxer while stationed in Germany.  After leaving the military, he explored several styles of Martial Arts. While attending a demonstration performed by Master Ochia Sensei Goral quickly realized the art that he had been searching for was Shotokan Karate.
    Sensei Goral began studying with Master Ochia in 1972 and achieved the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt in 1978.  He continued training under the guidance of Master Ochia until 1983 attaining his 3rd Degree Black Belt.  Then began studying Shobu-Kai/Shotokan under Sensei Damon receiving his 4th and 5th Degree Black Belts. 
    In 1992 Sensei Damon and Sensei Goral began training under Master Yamazaki in Ryobu-Kai Karate.  Sensei discovered a new form of karate: Shindo Jinen Ryu. 

  This style incorporates traditional Shotokan Karate along with Aikido, Jujitsu and Kenjitsu. 
    In 1998 Sensei Goral established a new form of Karate what is recognized today as Kaze-Kai Shotokan.   Kaze-Kai is a culmination of Sensei Goral's 50 years of martial arts knowledge.  Kaze-Kai was born of tradition, excellence and a commitment to a way of life. 
    Over the years Sensei Goral has competed in many tournaments at the local and national level and was a two time Nutmeg Open Grand Champion.  In 2021 he was inducted into the Unitied States Martial arts hall of fame for his years of dedication to the teachings of the way.  Sensei Goral believes the value of competition lies only in testing one's self, not on winning or losing.  Although the trophies are an outstanding achievement and Sensei Goral and his students have garnered numerous awards, you will not find them on display in the dojo. Sensei Goral believes "his trophies are alive, they are his students".

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Student Guide

Inducted into the Martial Arts hall of fame and receiver of the


  "It's not about scoring points.  It's about training."

~Sensei Goral

Gregg Morrison
Chief Instructor

  At 10 years old I began studying Shotokan Karate under Sensei Goral and realized the dynamics of this style as time went on.

  I not only love practicing karate but given time I developed an attraction to teach and discovered there is more to learn in doing so.  Sensei Goral holds a philosophy of "Once a student always a student" or said another way, "You come, I will teach". That's the deal he and I make with every student and we have not broken that promise.  Still today we have students returning to continue their training.

  I am proud to have learned so much from Sensei Goral and I'm happy to say how much more there is still to learn.  I've been training Since 1997 and have obtained the rank of Yondan (Fourth degree black belt).

Nermijad Mehmedovic
Senior Instructor

  Nermijad began his Shotokan training in Bosnia. He was 13 years of age when watching the precise and powerful movements attracted him to karate.  After five years he reached the rank of black belt at the age of 19. 
  When He came to Connecticut finding a proper school proved to be difficult. For three years he trained in shaolin boxing then for six months he gave tae kwan-do a try but it wasn't the same. Nermijad went 12 years without training. In that time he started a family and begun teaching his daughters karate.  One day his oldest daughter noticed our school while the both of them drove past.  Nermijad was instantly interested and paid us a visit. After a sit in to watch class he shared a conversation with Sensei Goral about his history. He was excited to join and because he trained as a black belt for a very short time almost 14 years ago he humbly requested to train as a brown belt and earn his shotokan black belt again through us. 
  After a year of training two of his three daughters now practice alongside him in class. And when his youngest grows up we'll be ready to accept her too.

  Nermijad holds the rank of Nidan (second degree black belt)

San Quach
Senior Instructor

  San Quach began his martial arts training at age 9 under Sensei Goral. He speaks 5 languages and holds a degree in Engineering from the University of Connecticut.

  When participating in kata and kumite competitions, it is rare for San to not place first.  And when teaching in class his imaginative insight goes unmatched.
He currently holds the rank of Sandan (third degree black belt). 

Victor Borros
Senior Instructor

Victor has studied Shotokan and Taekwondo both in Europe and the United States. He has been studying under Sensei Goral for 30 years.  Victor currently holds the rank of Sandan (third degree black belt).

Stefen Kent

Senior Instructor

In 1969 Stefan Kent began his study of martial arts in Hawaii with the Wado system of Japanese Karate under Sensei Hirano Kiyohisa and Sensei Ronnie Woodward.   In the late 1970s life, travel, and family interfered with regular training but Stefan continued to practice informally with short forays into other styles. Settling in Connecticut in 1979 Stefan enrolled in Tae Kwan Do but soon decided that this system was not for him.  Based on previous training he felt his body type was better suited to another style.  "It seemed we were not allowed to use our hands!  It was good training, just not right for me."  Over time Stefan continued to practice with friends and alone while continuing to search for the right school.  During the search he studied Gojo Ryu for about a year and explored other schools in the area.


  After a long break and at a much later age, the desire to resume regular formal training resulted in resuming the unfruitful multi-year search for something familiar.  By chance he happened to observe Sensei Goral instructing a newly formed Kaze-Kai Karate class in Colchester, Connecticut and it was clear the search had ended.  Stefan immediately joined Kaze-Kai and has been practicing Shotokan under the tutelage of Sensei Goral for over 7 years.  In Kaze-Kai Shotokan Stefan currently holds the rank of Nidan (second degree black belt).

John Kananowicz

  John began his martial arts training at Kaze-kai karate in 2009 under Sensei Goral, earning his black belt in 2014.  Having lived on the island of Okinawa, Japan for a year, John was able to experience the proper etiquette and hard training of a traditional Shotokan dojo.

  John is a former U.S. Marine.  He has served during the Desert Storm/ Desert Shield and the Persian Gulf War.  John also retired after twenty-two years of law enforcement experience as a state trooper.  Over the years, John has trained in offensive and defensive tactics, boxing, and instructed water safety and survival.  John is currently employed by the federal government and is a proud husband and father of three children; Julia, Andrew, and Danielle.  Julia and Andrew are also involved in with us at Kaze-kai both proving to be great students working along side their father.  John currently holds the rank of Nidan (second degree black belt.)

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