Kimdinh is one of our most impressive black belts.  Not only is she our first female black belt but she is an exceptional athlete.  Kim is a rugby player.  She's been playing for two years now and has recently been invited to the National All Star Competition along with 200 other female rugby players.  After playing in two games she was one of 55 select players honored with this Certificate of Athletic Achievement.

  January 7th 2017 Sensei Goral promoted two students to brown belt, Steve Demerest (far left) and Donald Wood (far right) Also two students earned the rank of black belt, Nermijad Mehmedovic (center) and Stephanie Madeira (center right)

  Nermijad had earned his shotokan black belt back in his home country of Bosnia.  When He discovered Kaze-Kai he wanted to earn his black belt again through us.  We permitted him to wear his brown belt when he joined and he proved himself a valuable student and a fantastic addition to our family.  Now two of his daughters are making there way to black belt.  Stephanie came to us from a previous school with a different system.  Starting as a white belt she made her way up the ropes and gained a great deal of confidence in herself.  Sensei taught her never to forget what she had previously learned.  As his saying goes, obtaining more knowledge is like an artist gaining more colors in their paint box.  Congratulations to all of you.  We look forward to continue your training.

  In April of 2018 our very own Vincenzo Cenko was presented with an award of recognition for his volunteer work in his community.  

  The town of Weathersfield's youth advisory board recognized his hard work along with his piers.  The class of 2024.  Kaze-Kai is grateful to have such a helping hand among us.  Keep up the good work!

  One of our finest students Julia Kanaowicz was presented with an academic award of achievement.  One thing we always tell our students is that we are scholar warriors.

  I'm sure one of her next achievements will be earning her black belt

27th Annual Uechi-Ryu Youth Tournament

Kata Competition


1st    James Waytech

2nd  Arnes Korkutovic

4th   Kayleigh Roy


1st    Penelope Roushon

2nd  Aid Turnadzic

3rd   Stacy Reinoso


1st   Julia Kananowicz

4th  Andrew Kananowicz



9-under (n/a)



Beginner (n/a)

Intermediate: Amina Mehmedovic 1st

Advanced (n/a)


Beginners (n/a)

Intermediate: Stacy Reinoso 1st

Advanced (n/a)

   On September 8th 2018 Kaze-Kai Karate gained two new black belts.

Steve Demarest and Pedro Uribe.

  Steve joined shortly before his own son earned his black belt in 2014.  Back in 2017 however he was attacked by a dog while going for a walk with his wife.  He's thankful for his training that improved his reaction time and technique that he was able to fend off the animal with minimal injury.  He stands as a symbol that you are never too old to practice karate.

   Pedro has been training with us for many years now, joining us back in the early 2000's.  His two sons joined before him but after they lost interest he didn't.  His life outside the dojo keeps him very busy.  He owns his own cleaning business, helps his oldest son with his own business and holds other positions in other jobs.  It never stopped him from making time to train.

   Both are hard working and we look forward to seeing them continue to advance.


  December 7th 2020 Akeem Carter officially earned the rank of black belt.  I say officially because in the eyes of many of our students he already was.

  Akeem has been a student of Kaze-Kai since he was a teen.  Due to his education and college years his training had been off and on.  However he set a goal for himself, to earn his black belt.  Now he's seeing where it takes him.  To set new goals that we're positive he'll accomplish too.

  Currently he's a school teacher in East Hartford CT and studying to be a police officer.  Helping others and sharing his experiences is part of his nature.


  On October 2nd Kaze-kai gained two new black belts!

  Shihan Goral along with the rest of the blacks teach the highest ideal from the father of modern day karate, Gichin Funakoshi. That the ultimate aim of karate doesn't lay in victory or defeat but in the perfection of our character.  That can be seen from Stacy, an active volunteer in her community and member of the honor society.  Also Robert, who studied Taekwondo prior to Shotokan and currently has a career sharing his knowledge of martial arts, physical fitness and health with the youth at a local gym.

  Between the two of them, kindheartedness is in high supply.  We look forward to continue training and learning with you.

karate do