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In this folder you'll find images of kata and basic technique practice.  Also promotions and other class activities.

In this folder you'll find photos of pressure testing, sparring and more contact training.


Picture of the Month
    August 2022

  The deal with make with everyone is once a student, always a student.  For many of you Louis Colon is a new black belt to the dojo.  When in fact he helped me become a black belt back in the day.  Like many of us life got in the way of training and we always teach that you need to take care of you first, karate comes second.  Now he's back but he's not alone, because he brought his daughter and wife along with him.  The kaze-kai family grows


Gojushiho Sho

One of Shotokan's largest forms.

Kaze Akuma

Kanku Dai (The ultimate kata)

This is a widely known form throughout the martial art world.  The prior katas we learn teach us what we need to perform this.

How to tie your belt

Heian Nidan

This video demonstrates a way in which we challenge the minds of our students.  Typically with a form such as this everyone facing the same direction.