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  For a better view just click on the image.  We hope you enjoy.

In this folder you'll find images of kata and basic technique practice.  Also promotions and other class activities.

In this folder you'll find photos of pressure testing, sparring and more contact training.

Kazi Karate Class 12-17-22_362.jpg

Picture of the Month
    August 2023

  When you think of board breaking, we have what people picture. 1 inch thick solid pine. Many schools use wood half that thickness. You might also notice many schools put spacers between their boards. Not us. Spacers allow multiple boards to collapse like dominos. 

 Ronny here performed a straight punch to break this board.


Gojushiho Sho

One of Shotokan's largest forms.

Kaze Akuma

Kanku Dai (The ultimate kata)

This is a widely known form throughout the martial art world.  The prior katas we learn teach us what we need to perform this.

How to tie your belt

Heian Nidan

This video demonstrates a way in which we challenge the minds of our students.  Typically with a form such as this everyone facing the same direction.

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