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Black belts of 2017

January 7th 2017 Sensei Goral promoted two students to brown belt, Steve Demerest (far left) and Donald Wood (far right) Also two students earned the rank of black belt, Nermijad Mehmedovic (center) and Stephanie Madeira (center right)

Nermijad had earned his shotokan black belt back in his home country of Bosnia. When He discovered Kaze-Kai he wanted to earn his black belt again through us. We permitted him to wear his brown belt when he joined and he proved himself a valuable student and a fantastic addition to our family. Now two of his daughters are making there way to black belt. Stephanie came to us from a previous school with a different system. Starting as a white belt she made her way up the ropes and gained a great deal of confidence in herself. Sensei taught her never to forget what she had previously learned. As his saying goes, obtaining more knowledge is like an artist gaining more colors in their paint box. Congratulations to all of you. We look forward to continue your training.

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