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Black belts of 2018

On September 8th 2018 Kaze-Kai Karate gained two new black belts.

Steve Demarest and Pedro Uribe.

Steve joined shortly before his own son earned his black belt in 2014. Back in 2017 however he was attacked by a dog while going for a walk with his wife. He's thankful for his training, it improved his reaction time and technique so he was able to fend off the animal with minimal injury. He stands as a symbol that you are never too old to practice karate.

Pedro has been training with us for many years now, joining us back in the early 2000's. His two sons joined before him but after they lost interest he didn't. His life outside the dojo keeps him very busy. He owns his own business, helps his oldest son with his own business. It never stopped him from making time to train.

Both are hard working and we look forward to seeing them continue to advance.

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